Weleda Salt Toothpaste


WeledasisgWeleda’s salt toothpaste is a product that has intrigued us for a while.  Recently we had the chance to try the unique toothpaste and find out about its background and packaging from Weleda’s North American PR firm Siren.

The idea of a salt toothpaste is something foreign to American consumers but in Europe, where the toothpaste was developed its an established product with a strong following.

Weleda is known for its superior natural products.  Siren told us, “all Weleda products—both internal medicines and external skin care—have been created to support and catalyze the body’s natural healing and caring abilities.”

Their focus on formulation and quality is clearly evident in their products and the salt toothpaste is no exception.  Made in Germany the toothpaste’s use of sea salt increases saliva production in the mouth to help wash out bacteria found in the mouth and dilute the concentration of remaining bacteria which lead to gum inflammation and decay.

We had several of our writers try Weleda’s Salt Toothpaste and we all came back with the same conclusion – highly impressed.  Having tried a number of natural toothpaste products we each liked this one because you can feel it doing exactly what its designed to do – clean the mouth.

Siren told us the salt toothpaste is Weleda’s number one seller in North America of its adult toothpaste products (their Children’s Tooth Gel is number one overall sales).

In terms of packaging Weleda employs “only the safest materials for its packaging to protect and preserve both the product formulation and the environment.  In addition, Weleda designs its unique packaging for easy use and durability.  All packaging is recyclable.”

The salt toothpaste packaging like all of Weleda’s oral care line is packaged in Aluminum tubes due to the pure ingredient composition of the products.  “Natural substances, such as essential oils, are “living,” making them extremely volatile.  Aluminum does not react with the formulations within, eliminating oxygenation of the products.  All Aluminum tubes are lined with a protective resin to avoid any interaction between the product and the Aluminum material,” according to Siren.

Weleda’s salt toothpaste and their other products are available at a variety of natural/specialty stores including Whole Foods.