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Welcome to Sustainable is Good where design, lifestyle and packaging meet.  Please pardon our appearance over the next few months, we’re working on making some improvements to the site to make it better than ever.

Sustainable is Good grew out of my interest in leading a more sustainable lifestyle.  The blog’s title represents a way of life where sustainability, quality and design are valued in everything we do.

I’m also interested in packaging and products and the connection between consumers and businesses producing these items.

As the site has grown we’ve focused increasingly on design and the role design plays in producing a sustainable product and its packaging.

Gradually a whole philosophy developed where design plays a key role in the choices we as eco-conscious consumers make.

Moving forward we are going to remain focused on greener products and packaging and the whole lifestyle associated with being sustainable in the home.

Feel free to email me at rider [at] sustainableisgood [dot] com with any questions or feedback.  Please participate in the discussion and post your comments & links on the blog.

Sustainable is Good purchases 100% renewable energy from People’s Power and Light.  All of the energy we use is green.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Sustainable is Good.

Rider Thompson, Founder/editor Sustainable is Good

Interested in Contributing?

Sustainable is Good is looking for contributors.  If you are interested please send an email.

– Dennis Salazar

Dennis Salazar

Dennis Salazar is the president of Salazar Packaging Inc., a certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) company specializing in flexible packaging products, equipment and solutions. After over thirty years in plastic film sales, he is the self-proclaimed, “Senor Shrink” of the industry and is known for his tongue in cheek sense of humor as well as his flexible packaging expertise.   Dennis also writes a blog for Packaging Digest which can be viewed online at their site.

To contact Dennis please visit his web site

Also check out Dennis’s blog, Inside Sustainable Packaging.

– Brad Shorr

Brad Shorr


Brad Shorr is a sales and marketing consultant with an extensive background in the packaging industry. He was inspired to write on sustainable packaging topics by one of his major clients, Salazar Packaging Inc., who has great expertise in that area. Brad’s company, Word Sell, Inc., offers sales training and coaching, business blog development services, and a variety of marketing and copywriting services. To learn more, visit his Web site and blog at

– Jackie DeLise

Jackie DeLise

Jackie DeLise is Vice President of Zunda Group LLC.  Zunda Design Group creates brands that inspire, by designing visual identity and packaging that evoke emotions and connect consumers to their brand, ultimately captivating attention and purchase intent at retail.  Jackie can be reached at