Website Supports Plastic Bag Usage


Save the Plastic is a website representing a group of businesses and citizens who are concerned about what they call the “Environmental misinformation being spread in the anti-plastic bag campaign.”

The site is run by a California lawyer, Stephen Joesph who is representing several plastic-bag makers in efforts to stop campaigns aimed at outlawing or imposing fees on the use of plastic bags.

Joesph was quoted in a recent New York Times story discussing the lack of significant progress in a number of proposals on reducing plastic bag usage across the country.

Joseph said he was surprised to find that most of the information circulating on the Internet about plastic bags was false.

He believes paper bags are worse for the environment, especially regarding energy consumption and CO2 and methane emissions.

According the his website, Joseph is concerned that activists have become obsessed with plastic bags and are failing to disclose inconvenient environmental truths to the public and politicians.

Spreading environmental misinformation is simply wrong he said on his website noting he chooses plastic bags over paper.