Toasty Boys Organic Boxers


ToastyboysToasty Boys is one of the first thermal Organic Boxer Briefs made for comfort, warmth and casual wear. This new green line of underwear is made from 100% naturally grown cotton (i.e. No Pesticides) and utilizes a unique thermal weave fabric that is knit slightly looser than grandpa’s old time thermal “Long Johns”.

Designed by fashion designer Christopher Anthony, Toasty Boys are very comfortable and fit true to size.

I tested out pair of Toasty Boys boxers and they are an ideal solution to providing comfort and warmth during the winter.

Here in New England I take the bus as often as I can and having clothing that helps offset the wind and cold is a major plus especially when the clothing is responsibly made.

Anthony is based in Chicago and the idea for thermal underwear came from the cold winters the Windy City is so well known for. As a child he could cut the legs off of long johns and make underwear out of them. Toasty Boys borrows many elements of the classic long johns but updates them, making them primarily more comfortable.

Toasty Boys are a great solution for those looking for warm green boxers this winter. Anthony plans to launch Bamboo Boys in the Spring and a new women’s line.