Target Reusable Shopping Bag


Target Reusable Shopping Bagshopping bag, originally developed to comply with new laws in California is gradually making its way across the country.  The reusable shopping bags have just begun to appear in Target stores on the east coast.

The bags in typical Target fashion are a step up from similar offerings by competitors like Wal-Mart.  The bags are made by Green Bags from recyclable polypropylene fabric and are traditional Target red in color.  Available in two sizes the bags self zip into a small pouch for convenient storage.  Selling for $1.49 for the larger size and $.99 for the smaller bag the new bags offer Target shoppers an eco-friendly way to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags.

The Target reusable shopping bags feature some original and interesting graphic design.  The design on the bag features the Target tree bullseye illustration done by Minneapolis-based Wink.  Wink’s Scott Thares told Sustainable is Good, “Target approached us to design and develop conceptual ideas and campaign elements…The recycled tree illustration was something that Target loved right away.”  Thares said the design also appears on recycled bag containers in Target stores.

“I do know that because of the great response, it (the bags) has been slowly rolling out to all Target Stores across the country,” said Thares.