Target Archer Farms New Cereal Packaging


Archer Farms New Cereal Packaging

Kaplow, a PR Firm Handling the Archer Farms Brand for Target Refuses comment on the exciting new packaging

UPDATE:  4/15/08 – the packaging contains what appears to be an inner foil type liner – its unclear whether this impacts its ability to be recycled or what the material is.  We are hoping to get clarification on the design and materials from either the company producing the packaging or Target.  At this point very little is known about the packaging.

Minneapolis-based Target has introduced revolutionary new packaging for its Archer Farms natural and organic cereals, but won’t talk about it.  The new packaging drastically changes the concept of a box of cereal.

Archer Farms cereals are now sold in rounded “streamlined” cereal boxes without the need for an inner plastic bag holding the cereal.  The new packaging also features an easy-flow spout and snap shut reclosable lid to maintain freshness.

The new packaging is made from 55% recycled material with 50% post-consumer content.

Sustainable is Good
 attempted to get information on Target’s new eco-friendly packaging and was surprised to find the company refused comment and would not provide any information regarding the new innovative design.

A representative from New York based Kaplow, a PR firm that handles Target’s Archer Farms brand told Sustainable is Good by email, “Target does not work with trade publications, so I will not be able to provide you with the information you requested.”

Archer Farms CerealTarget’s response through Kaplow is quite surprising since Sustainable is Good is not in any way a trade publication.

Sustainable is Good provides information to a wide audience of people interested in more eco-friendly innovation and design.

However their response isn’t entirely surprising since the retailer considers “bloggers” irrelevant as the New York Times reported in January.

Why Target or Kaplow will not discuss the exciting new packaging they have created is unclear.

A bit of free PR advice: Target and Kaplow its time to enter the current decade and recognize the “traditional” forms of media aren’t the only ones out there.

Furthermore many consumers are interested in things like this, which is one of the main reasons we run this site and its generally a good idea to talk to your customers.

The overwhelming majority of eco-conscious shoppers spend significant time online on sites like Sustainable is Good and others researching products and making buying decisions.

Besides the new packaging is just plain cool – people are interested in it, so why not talk about it?  Obviously the Archer Farms brand is doing some really innovative design – whats the point if you won’t talk to consumers about it?

Hopefully in the near future we’ll be able to provide some insight into the design and concept of this new packaging.