Radius Source Toothbrush New Models made from Dollar Bills and Flax


Radius Source

Radius has extended their sale through Dec 21st see below

Radius has introduced several new models to its popular Source toothbrush line.  The new Source toothbrushes feature handles made from flax and old money.  The two new models add to the current Source toothbrush made from corn.

The Radius Source toothbrush has quickly become a top seller for the Pennsylvania-based company which first came on the map with its original Radius toothbrush made from wood cellulose.

I had the chance to see the new Source toothbrushes at Expo East back in October.  Radius’ Carol Brian was excited by the new additions to the product line as she told me about the new handles.

I particularly like the new Source with the dark green handle made from old US currency.  There is something sort of neat about having a toothbrush handle made from money.

The flax handle is very nice as well dark elegant in appearance.

Both of the new Source toothbrushes are available at retailers across the country as well as direct from Radius.  The new models will ship with the current corn-based Source and stores will have a variety.

I’ve used a Source toothbrush myself for over a year now and absolutely love it.  The design of the handle fits perfectly into my hand and it’s a unique item.

The Source also features new packaging made using SmartCycle recycled plastic.  Overall the new packaging significantly reduces the amount of plastic their packaging uses.

Radius is currently having a holiday sale where customers can 25% off all products plus free shipping on orders over $50.  The sale runs through December 14th.  Visit their website to take advantage of this great offer.