Pangea Organics Packaging



Colorado-based Pangea Organics made a noticeable splash in the natural cosmetics/bodycare market about two years ago with its new brand identity.  Collaborating with internationally-acclaimed branding firm IDEO, Pangea focused on packaging to accompany the high quality organic products it produces.

Much in the same way Aveda has worked to transform its packaging, Pangea operates with the added benefits of independence.  Today Pangea’s now highly acclaimed molded fiber packaging and brown apothecary style bottles have allowed the brand the ability to shape its own identity and customer base.

Pangea’s molded fiber clamshell and boxing for its facial care products have an industrial look to them that stands out on the shelf.  The packaging’s minimalist style is what makes it stand out.  To the touch the packaging feels like a rough industrial piece of linen.  All of these elements visual and sensory  combine to make a noticeable design.

Success on the shelf is the number one goal of packaging and Pangea has this element down to a science.

Staying ahead of the curve is important for any brand and Pangea’s focus on its branding image was right on the mark.  The apothecary style glass and plastic bottles it uses for some of its products is at the height of fashion these days.  Interior designers scour flea markets looking for old apothecary bottles for clients – Pangea offers them as part of their brand allowing the products to fit into even the most discriminating customer’s home decor.  Cosmetic/bodycare packaging can be fashionable.

The company’s #2 HDPE brown plastic bottles are screen printed rather than using labels.

The challenge of new interesting packaging design coupled with the need to protect the contents of the package was something Pangea approached with great care.

On the molded fiber box packaging Pangea worked with UFP Technologies, Inc. a leading manufacturer of custom engineered packaging materials based in Georgetown, MA.

Before Pangea, molded fiber packaging was commonly used as an inexpensive effective custom protective packaging solution for electronics, consumer goods and items in glass like wine.

In collaboration with UFP Technologies, Pangea created a 100% compostable, biodegradable and plantable package that loosely resembles an egg crate.  In fact the technology used in drying the newspaper and water mixture is from the egg crate industry.  Its biodegradable and reusable properties make it a viable option in sustaining the environment which was a core element in the concept design.

PangeapacksisgThe packaging is manufactured with zero waste at UFP’s molded fiber division in Clinton, Iowa and created from 100% post-consumer newsprint-without glues and dyes.

Always looking to be unique Pangea wanted to embed medicinal herb seeds in the molded fiber paperboard.  Consumers can grow medicinal herbs by soaking the box for one minute and planting it in about 1” deep of soil.  The whole concept revolves around the idea of packaging having multiple uses and its life cycle continuing beyond its initial purpose.

All of Pangea’s bar soaps, as well as its entire skin care line will be packaged in the seeded boxes. Bar soaps will contain Amaranth seeds while facial care packages will contain edible Genovese Sweet Basil seeds.

Today Pangea is working with Behrman Communcations who specialize in creative, strategic brand building.  Looking forward to seeing what Pangea’s next move is.