Martha Stewart Body + Soul Magazine September Issue Features Green Living Guide


September 2009 body and soulThe September Issue of Body + Soul magazine is out today and it features a special Going Greener Guidebook packed full of eco living tips and information.

Body + Soul is the whole living magazine from Martha Stewart that each month features great recipes, heath info, exercise and yoga tips and product reviews all aimed at helping readers live a better life.

The September issue features an innovative Going Greener Guidebook which is printed on the back side of the actual magazine pages.

The guidebook is sponsored by Stonyfield Farms and serves as a resource guide for achieving a greener lifestyle.  Some of the information inside includes a listing of the 20 best eco web sites, essential tips to live and shop greener, more than 40 practical tips to reduce your carbon footprint and an excellent piece on organics and the importance of the USDA organic seal.

Inside the regular magazine readers will find a feature on the smart woman’s guide to health, recommendations for the best natural skin moisturizers, more than 25 recipes, a piece on why coffee is good for you, a cool DIY article on making your own hair color boosters from common ingredients like lemon, carrots and chocolate and much more.

Having brown hair myself I whipped up the concoction on page 40 – it was a wonderfully indulgent hair mask made from cocoa, yogurt, vinegar and honey.  After applying my hair looked great – the blend seemed to rejuvenate my natural hair color plus left the scent of chocolate.

Body + Soul has always been a great magazine from Martha Stewart.  The September 2009 issue is a real winner for readers because it combines the excellent content the magazine is known for plus a green resource guide which can help you make lifestyle choices to benefit yourself and the environment.