Live at the Martha Stewart Show



We’re live at the Martha Stewart Show in NYC!  Martha is focused on blogging and is featuring some of the most well known bloggers.

Sustainable is Good is part of an elite group of bloggers called Martha’s Circle and I am here with other Martha’s Circle bloggers.  Martha’s Circle provides top quality lifestyle content and Sustainable is Good is very happy to be a part of Martha’s network which draws top quality content as well as serves as a influential network for advertising.

Martha’s focus on blogging is great for all of us like Sustainable is Good who have been blogging for a while.  Its fascinating sharing information with fellow bloggers at the Martha Stewart Show.  Her focus shows how important blogs have become.

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More from the Martha Blog

Had the pleasure of meeting a number of bloggers including Timothy Dahl of Charles &Hudson, a really cool home improvement blog.  Check out his post on the show.

Check out Eddie Ross for behind the scenes pictures and insight at today’s show.  Eddie was a guest speaking about his blog Eddie Ross.

Urlesque has a great post on the show today along with a number of photos.

Clips from today’s show on YouTube.