Late July Organic Crackers Have Excessive Packaging



Newcomers to the organic snack food arena are Late July organic snacks.  The products are made by the same company who produces Cape Cod potato chips in Massachusetts.

Like their Cape Cod chips, Late July organic products such as their mini peanut butter bite size sandwich crackers are delicious.  However I notice a troubling trend with the Late July line that seems to be occurring across the industry.  Unnecessary and excessive packaging.

Late July mini peanut butter crackers come in a well designed graphically pleasing box however the box only contains 5 oz of crackers.  The box isn’t even at half of its capacity when its sold for around $3.50.  The box could easily hold twice the amount of crackers it contains.

So the question is why?  Why are Late July crackers packaged this way?

Its not just Late July who are packaging organic products with excessive or unnecessary packaging and charging premium prices.  A walk through any grocery store will yield countless examples.