Growing Number of Restaurants Offering Tap Water Only


FijiwaterForget imported water from Fiji or Norway, more and more restaurants across the country are offering only tap water to customers.  The move comes as consumers and restaurateurs alike are realizing the tremendously negative effects of shipping bottled water to the US.

The growing shift in the restaurant community isn’t just happening at traditionally green establishments.  Joseph Bastianich, who co-owns a number of high end New York restaurants along with Mario Batali is soon offering only filtered still and carbonated tap water at the elegant Del Posto restaurant.  According to today’s NY Times the tap water will be served in containers with an explanation of why bottled water is no longer available.

”Filling cargo ships with water and sending it hundreds and thousands of miles to get it around the world seems ridiculous,” Mr. Bastianich said. ”With all the other things we do for sustainability, it makes sense.”

For many dining establishments the decision to offer bottled or imported water is driven by profits more than anything else.  Many restaurants are hesitant to make a change to tap water because there are large profits in offering bottled/imported waters.  Restaurants buy it for $1 or $2 and sell it for as much as $8, or even more, giving it the highest markup of any item on the menu.