FilterPave Eco Pavement Made from Recycled Glass


Filterpave-cordellFilterPave is an interesting more eco friendly option for pavement made from recycled glass.  I thought it was cool given we cover so many types of packaging here to actually find a product made from recycled packaging.

This eco pavement is made from glass acquired from municipal recycling facilities and is ground into small pebbles.  The company says the product is made from 90% recycled content.

FilterPave can be used for driveways, parking lots, paths and other applications.

ICF Baraboo Finished029
The company says due to FilterPave’s porous nature it will trap pollutants which would otherwise be swept away eventually ending up in water systems.

The eco pavement is available in a number of different color options and may be worth considering.
FilterPave is made by Presto Geosystems, a subsidiary of Aloca.