Ditto Paper Hangers Available to Consumers


DittohangersDitto is happy to announce the planet’s first home-use, recycled and recyclable closet hanger.

The Ditto Ecological Heavy-Duty Paper Hangers are now available on Amazon.com. The hangers were developed to provide a superior alternative to the eight billion toxic plastic and wire hangers disposed, every year, in landfills.

Ditto Hangers, 100% non-toxic and 100% recyclable in all paper recycling systems, can even be composted.

We covered Ditto Hangers made by GreenHeart Global several years ago when their products were focused on the dry cleaning industry.

Made from 100% tree-free recycled paper (minimum 70% post-consumer waste), Ditto Heavy-Duty Paper Hangers are certified to be chlorine, formaldehyde and heavy metal free. Inks are soy-based and adhesives starch-based. The hangers are stylish, long-lasting and hold up to 20 pounds.

Now available in a Ditto 10-Pack, these award-winning Ditto Ecological Paper Hangers made from heavy duty, highly compressed paperboard, have been a first-choice hanger for many top-selling clothing stores worldwide. The Ditto Paper Hanger has proven itself highly functional under the toughest conditions.

Ditto 10-Packs are offered in three sizes: Ditto’s 17” Multi-Use Adult Hangers; 13” Little Ditto Children’s Hangers; and 9” Little Ditto Infant Hangers.

Ditto Heavy-Duty Paper Hangers are compact and strong, creating more closet space; especially useful in college dorm rooms, for travel and storage. Hangers can be customized with writing and art for convenience or fun.

I’ve used Ditto’s Multi-Use Adult hangers and love them.  They are durable and work just as well as their conventional counterparts.  The Ditto hangers are stylish and perfectly designed for household use.  Since they are made from a industrial type cardboard – they have a chic look and feel – very minimal.  I like that.