Compostable Salad Packaging

Sainsbury's New Compostable Salad Packaging
Major UK retailer Sainbury’s is releasing its SO organic wild rocket salad in new biodegradable packaging. The packaging is made using Amcor NaturePlus compostable film.

The new packaging is well designed with simple graphically pleasing graphic design highlighting the freshness of the product.  Very well done.

“Food packaging is very important to our customers and it influences their buying decisions, Amcor’s NaturePlus compostable film helps us to meet our customers needs and our sustainability goals without compromising on shelf life and seal performance requirements,” Sainbury’s packaging manager said.

Today, 90% of Sainbury’s organic fresh produce is available in compostable, recycled or recyclable packaging.

Using compostable material for this type of packaging makes a lot of sense.  Packaging for fresh products like this in the US is designed to be disposable and always ends up in the landfill.  Since recycling rarely occurs with this type of packaging contamination isn’t a concern.  Biodegradable packaging just makes sense in this application.

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