Boxed Water Hits Marketplace Nationwide



AQUA2GO is a new boxed water now available in many locations.  The company claims its water is much more sustainable than bottled waters and touts its packaging as a key component in its sustainability.  AQUA2GO  is purified through a reverse osmosis process.

AQUA2GO is packaged in Tetra Brik Aseptic packaging made by Tetra Pak Inc.  The company claims their product is 96% water and 4% packaging compared to a typical 80% product and 20% packaging.  The Tetra Brik packaging is made from 74% wood (paper), 20% plastic and 6% aluminum.

The company says because of its packaging its water has a five-year shelf life and is not susceptible to environmental factors like temperature and light like bottled water.  Their water requires no special storage, is compact and lightweight and the package can easily be flattened after use.

AQUA2GO is available nationally thanks to a deal with the large organic distributor Tree of Life.  AQUA2GO was  initially launched in Whole Foods’ Louisiana stores, Winn Dixie (100 stores along the Gulf Coast), Rouse’s, Langensteins and several other local New Orleans stores.

The new national distribution agreement with Tree of Life has expanded AQUA2GO’s presence across the country now making it available to other national merchants who do business with Tree of Life (such as WalMart, Krogers, Hy-Vee, Wild Oats, Roundy’s and more), as well as the remaining Whole Foods regions.

It will be interesting to track the reaction to this product in the marketplace.  AQUA2GO does not appear to be available in my region yet.

Despite the company’s claim its packaging is a better option in terms of the environment it should be noted that point is at the very least debatable.