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April 25, 2008



Too bad you can't find Method Hand Soap refillable bags anywhere at all. A company so determined to appear worried about the environment sure does make it difficult for you to actually care about the environment. Every store I've been to in the Seattle area that carries soap, I have been unable to find refillable soap bags. Amazing.

I guess they make a lot more money when you have to buy individual plastic soap dispensers.


Hi John - I don't know if you live near a Target, but that's where I buy my Method refills. They have a few different scents for about $4. Hope that helps.


Hey guys,

I just bought a refill bottle at Costco - i refilled all the 3 10oz bottles i have but now instead of foam i get liquid soap, am i doing anything wrong? or maybe using the wrong refill??

Thanks for any advice.


I love the white tea hand soap and it's square dispenser but hate to pop for $4 for another one. Not to mention that this has got to be bad for the environment. When and where can I get a refill????

Marian Howard

Love your handsoap but where is the refill. Are you really enviornmental? Too much plastic.


I love your soap products but haven't been able to find the refills at any stores in Tampa, I have made it a crusade to locate the refills but to no avail. I will have to switch to another soap unfortunately. Poor planning and marketing in my estimation.

Jen@ Blooming tea

I just hope the plastic used is environmentally friendly too.

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