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October 12, 2007



check out hong kong willie


What a great idea...I live on the East Coast, so I hope it arrives here soon. I'll definitely get one. I reuse the plastic ones as the mini-trash bags in my dorm, but I think this is a great idea, especially since it looks way easier to carry.


I like the idea, but I can't escape the "penny-wise pound foolish" feeling. We're saving plastic bags, but probably buying a ton of plastic made items we really don't need. We're saving paper bags, but probably buying reams of paper to print stuff we use for a few minutes then throw away or shelf away.


Now they care about the environment????? Wal-mart uses cheap labor all over the world paying their employees not enough money to buy health insurance for their families, The company is worth over $100 BILLION. They are getting state tax cuts in the millions, taking money away from our schools when this money can help our children. Wal-mart is a wolf dressed as s sheep. Research this!


Try the bags are handmade in the USA out of 100% cotton. No concerns of sweatshops or polluting factories. Not imported from China either! I take mine everywhere. they have alot of different styles too.


i am so glad to hear this! None of the stores here in my small oregon coast town provide any of those kind of bags for sell. and to go online and buy them you'll spend 6bucks a bag! This is deffiantly a great thing to know that we are going to be able to help the enviroment without tearing holes in our pockets!

Green Concept

You can buy the cutest, reusable bag at Green Concept!
Hi, got my lovely tote bag a few days ago and I went to show it off at the local La Jolla Whole Food. Love it so much, I have to show them off again... :inlove:


Have a look. Though they only have a few design tote bags, they are very cute looking bags:[URL=""]Green concept online[/URL]


Here in the midwest, its sad. Walmart does indeed have the bags, however they're tied closed with a PLASTIC cable tie and the cashiers do no have any tools to remove/cut them. So, you can't even use them the first time. -sigh-

Shannon Hatcher

I had no problem using my bags for the first visit. Use it for your smaller items...then cut it off when you get home. I LOVE my reusable bags from Wal-Mart. They are easier to carry And you cannot beat a $1!!!!!

Heather Johnson

I bought 4 of these tonight and while they are shut with a little plastic tie i simply took my key and cut it off. Than proceeded to put my items in! there problems solved.


I have lots of reusable bags, and use them whenever I shop. However I have gotten the WORSE response from some of the walmart employees. I tell them they can just pop the items on the bag thingie and I will bag. Boy do they slam items down and give you pissy looks. ESPECIALLY the OLDER women.


I have about 4 of these. I used them the first time. I live on the east coast so i think by the time they got over here they had removed the plastic thing. The cashiers however were clueless when I told them to bag my items in the reusable bags. They tried to put the bags in plastic bags with my other items. BOTH visits. Wal-Mart needs to better inform their cashiers and ask them to push the use of reusable bags. Hey, it will bring them more money!

Tony Diaz

The bags are tied shut wtih a zip tie.. yes.. thats so they can tell which ones are new and which the customer carried into the store.

But .. I just grabbed the zip tie and busted it with my hands when the cashier rang them up, then inserted my goods. Done. Carried 'em out and walked up the hill behind the store. Simple.


I just bought 4 bags. But as I was going out to my car I also started to wander how hard its going to be to get the cashier to use them. If they would be able to hook them on their bag holder? Besides paying a for the bags now I would have to contend with the cashier having to do extra work. I still belive is a good idea. But the reality might be a problems.
Also I used the plastic bags for my trash bags. Its a saves alittle (plastic wise, not money wise)when I have to buy big trash bags, but some. BB


Now that I started to use the bags the cashers first tried to find the code to ring it up. After
I had to show her that there is a loop on the bag for hooking it on the bag rack to free her hands while bagging. I don't think the store ever showed them how. Anyway, I like the bags. They really make things easier to carry cause of their size. BB


They won't use them at my Wal-Mart. The original ones didn't have the hook at the top, so the bag just fell.

The new ones do have the hook but I am reluctant to use them because of the poor response from the employees.

The employees are timed with "rings per minute" and I think that is why they don't use them.


I have two of these and have been using them for a couple of months now. I usually get a low grade dirty look or sigh from wal mart cashiers. Last week however the lady informed me (complete with a pointed look over her glasses) that these bags were "such a hassle". Customer service what?


I have been using these bags for several months. The first one I had, REALLY got used. In the city of LA we don't have any WalMarts most are in the 'burbs. On my last visit I purchased 4. One thing that no one seems to note is that these bags are great for everyday use. With the push to stop using plastic, I take my bag(s) with me when I go shopping. They really do hold a lot of items. What's more, I can carry it on my shoulder if I wish to free up my hands. I also carry a folded bag inside a smaller bag I use every day. If I wish to stop by the store upon exiting the subway I have a strong bag to carry my purchases, no need for plastic.

As for the Walmart clerks, I tend to think they are clueless to the bags. They only know the blue WalMart bags on the rack in front of them and how to spin the bag holder.


I run STAY VOCAL (, a reuse products and information company based near Boston, MA. Unlike most chain-store bags, our reusable bags are sweatshop free and made in either San Francisco or New Hampshire. They cost a little more than $.99, but remember that you're not only helping the environment, but the US economy as well.


I would like to have seen them purchase the bags from an American company. You can find American made fashionable reusable bags at and many other products.

They are more expensive but can be used as a handbag as well. You can find a wide selection of American made products at

Not everyone in America can work in service and green jobs we need to keep our textile and manufacturing jobs here.


I love the bags and they hold a LOT! They need to get the cashiers on board with the idea though. They always look exhasperated when I ask them to load my items in the cloth bags. They say it messes up their bagging rhythem - and they dont fit on the turn-style thing they use.


WalMart can't afford to give the bags for free? If a customer is seen walking around with a walmart bag at other shopping plaza, they're getting free promotion. How stingy do you have to be to do this?


I love the bags! I think this is a great idea!


If you have a problem with a store bagging your items in a reusiable bag. (Like I do at Walmart.) Just let them use the regular bags. Then transfer your items to your reusable bag and either give the bags back or place them into the recycle bin before leaving the store. While this is not the ideal way. It is the only way I can think of to solve the problem. By giving the bags back the store has to deal with the bags and they dont get out of the store. BB


I've never had a cashier tell me that they won't use my reusable bags. However many times I've seen them give me a bad look, as if I was really inconveniencing them. I find it annoying that many stores promote and sell their reusable bags, but then the employees don't actually want you to use the bags.

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