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September 04, 2007



So much for local. Australia is the closest winery willing to make a green themed wine that they could find? The shipping distance combined with my dislike of tetra packs means I'll be passing on this one.


I just tried this wine and was quite disappointed. The packaging was attractive and Whole Foods sure pushes hard to get customers to buy this. In the end, it's still boxed wine, expensive boxed wine, and, I've read several reports about how difficult Tetra Pak's packaging might be to break down and recycle. So, while the idea for Green Path wine is a good one, it falls short of my hopes for a good, organic wine in eco-friendly packaging.


To argue the merits of this packaging from the angle of recycling misses the mark a bit. The greatest eco impact here is with regards to shipping and weight. A wine bottle must be shipping from the bottling plant to the packager and then again to the retailer. Tetra wins big here...What takes between 25-30 trucks full of empty bottles can be shipping from Tetra in 1 truck (in rolled up paper reels)! Once filled, the ratio is like 3 to 1, and the Tetra is about 95% lighter, which of course uses far less fuel in transportation. I don't know about the recycling capabality here but I know it's quite high and good in some countries.

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