Billabong ECO Supreme Suede Boardshorts


Popular clothing maker Billabong is using a new material called ECO Supreme Suede for some of its boardshorts and swim suits.

The exclusive material is eco-friendly made from recycled textiles and plastic soda bottles (rPET). The company says its cool new material doesn’t sacrifice on quality.

ECO Supreme Suede is part of an overall plan by the company to work towards reducing contamination and providing cleaner air, soil and water.

Approximately 10 plastic bottles are used to create one pair of boardshorts, which helps reduce the impact we humans have on the environment, especially on landfill. “When it comes down to it, if you have an option to buy a pair of boardshorts that are actually lessoning our impact on the world we live in, the choice is simple,” said Billabong freesurfer Dave “Rasta” Rastovich.

Billabong’s Sonic (pictured) and United Nations boardshorts are both made from the ECO Supreme Suede and available in the U.S. Billabong’s limited edition Wolfmother is also made from the eco-friendly fabric.