Excessive Packaging: Another example


Amazon Excessive Packaging

Sustainable is Good reader contacted us this week with another instance of excessive packaging from  The reader works in the education industry and ordered ten (10) children’s books, all the same title to be delivered to her office.

Amazon_packaging2The books arrived in 10 separate large boxes all with multiple inflatable plastic air pouches.  To make matters worse, the books Amazon sent were not the correct books.

The reader packed all the books up into one box and returned them to

Many of these examples of excessive packaging occur because of issues with communication and packaging logistics.

Ordering systems may process orders of multiple items individually and generate packaging as if the orders were going to multiple locations.  The prevention of excessive packaging is an area where shippers need to rely on human employees.

The results of excessive packaging incidents have a negative effect on consumers and generate a significant amount of unnecessary waste.

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