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Three personal care products from Trader Joe’s Shine

Traderjoes_1Three products from Trader Joe’s stores have found their way into my life on a daily basis. Now mind you these may not be the most exciting products but I use each of them every day and collectively they all cost less than $9 and last me a long time. The three products are Trader Joe’s All Natural Anti-Cavity Toothpaste, Trader Joe’s unscented deodorant and Trader Joe’s Pure Castile Soap.

Trader Joe’s All Natural Anti-Cavity Toothpaste with Baking Soda & Fluoride uses natural ingredients like hydrated silica and Essential Oil of Peppermint to form a gentle great tasting tooth paste that doesn’t harm the enamel of your teeth. Made with no artificial sweeteners (like saccharin), No Sodium Laurel Sulfate and No Propylene Glycol this toothpaste is safe, basic, effective and cheap what else do you want?

Trader Joe’s unscented deodorant is hands down the best natural deodorant I have ever used. I have tried many of them believe me in my quest to get away from the large amount of chemicals found in most of the conventional deodorants on the market, especially antiperspirant deodorants. This deodorant is paraben and aluminum free and is actually made with cotton fibers to fight wetness by absorbing moisture. Hands down this is my favorite product I just love it and its made in Canada.

Perhaps the best overall bargain is Trader Joe’s Pure Castile Soap which comes in a 16oz bottle for $2.99 try finding Dr. Bonners for that. TJs Pure Castile Soap has a peppermint scent to it containing oils of peppermint, olive and coconut as well as aloe vera. Contains no animal products of any kind – I use it every day in the shower its just fantastic. It can also be used as a regular hand soap, shampoo, fruit wash, general use cleaner in the kitchen for scrubbing pots and pans etc. I cannot recommend this product enough and at the price its one of the best values out there.

Now good news – Trader Joe’s stores are located across the country these products are available nationwide so check them out.