Target Releases Statement on Archer Farms Cereal Packaging


Archer Farms CerealTarget is now ready to talk, several days after Sustainable is Good reported on Target’s Archer Farms brand new cereal packaging the company has released a statement.

When Sustainable is Good contacted Target through its NYC-based PR firm Kaplow last week they efused comment on the new packaging.

The statement from Target was released late Wednesday afternoon and introduces the new packaging.  Offering few specific details, the statement highlights the consumer benefits of the new packaging design.  It does not address the materials used in the packaging or whether its recyclable.

The media strategy on this product launch quite frankly makes no sense especially considering the fact Kaplow, when asked repeatedly about the packaging last week refused comment.

Kaplow’s reluctance to comment contradicts a statement on its own web site highlighting the fact they pride themselves in working with new media sources like bloggers.

Kaplow says, “”We get directly to consumers when we blog for our clients and talk to bloggers. Our savvy discourse with these powerful new influencers inserts our clients into the most impactful conversations on the Web.”

Based on this core principle of Kaplow’s PR methods it remains unknown why Target or Kaplow couldn’t provide comment on this packaging when asked just four business days ago.

Prior reporting from other sources it would indicate that Target is responsible for the lack of comment.

How could a company so “with it” in so many ways refuse to acknowledge or speak with new media sources on exciting new packaging or products they themselves created?

Does Target really think its customer base gets all their information from the 6pm news or the Sunday circulars?  There is a tremendous disconnect between Target’s design and product development (which is very progressive and forward thinking) and its media/PR strategy – am I the only one that sees this?

Come on guys your largest growing customer base of “guests” is the 35 and under age group – who get the majority of their information from non-traditional sources like the internet.  Your “guests,” like your designs and product development are “with it” they shop at Target because the store provides cool unique well designed products are discount prices.

Newsflash:  Target “guests” are some of the most frequent visitors to the Sustainable is Good sites.  Target products and new developments are the two things I am most frequently asked about by people. Your PR strategy is completely missing the boat – and its very frustrating.  Sites like Sustainable is Good are actually trying to help you but you won’t talk.

The release from Target reads as follows:

Target debuts its latest design innovation, the new Archer Farms® cereal canister packaging, which merges design, function, value and convenience all together for a refreshing approach to breakfast. A first for the breakfast cereal category, the new reclosable spout and lid design provides a facelift to traditional bag-in-box packaging.

Available exclusively at Target and SuperTarget, the affordably priced Archer Farms cereal canister features a reclosable easy-flow spout and snap-shut lid that allow for simple pouring and snacking. This innovative packaging ensures that cereal stays fresher longer, while eliminating stale or unused cereal. Oblong shaped and partially constructed from recycled paperboard, the cereal canister offers a slim design—10 inches tall by two and one and a half inches deep—that requires minimal kitchen cabinet space.

“At Target, we strive to bring great design to our guests, and the food category is no exception,” says Greg Duppler, senior vice president, merchandising, Target. “With the new Archer Farms cereal canister, we offer an innovative, yet convenient, design that reinvents the way our guests experience breakfast.”

The Archer Farms cereal canisters are available in 18 flavor combinations such as Triple Berry Clusters, Vanilla Spice Squares, Banana Walnut Bliss, Pecan Sticky Bun and Blueberry Flax, ranging in price from $3.49 – $3.99. Several flavor combinations contain organic and all natural products to offer delicious, yet better-for-you food options. The new Archer Farms cereal canisters will be available in April.

Created with the finest ingredients, Archer Farms is a premium and innovative food brand, providing guests with everything from elegant hors d’oeurves and gourmet spreads, to European-style baked goods and meals on-the-go. Delivering on its “Everyday Incredible” promise, Archer Farms combines the highest quality foods with affordable prices.