Squeaky Green: The Method Guide to Detoxing Your Home


The Method Guide to Detoxing Your Home (Chronicle 2008), the new guide to greener cleaning and living from Method co-founders Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry goes on sale across the U.S. today.

The book is packed with useful, practical up-to-date tips and suggestions for living an all around greener lifestyle.  It features original content from the Method co-founders and additional helpful tips from eco-stylist Danny Seo.

Sustainable is Good Products had the chance to read Squeaky Green and found the book to be just the right balance of tips, green anecdotes and important facts.

Written and organized in a modern hip style the book is clearly aimed at the increasing wave of eco-conscious consumers out there.

Squeaky Green does a good job of introducing areas of concern to readers and making suggestions about cleaning solutions and types of products to consider.

Going way beyond the basics of green cleaning, the book covers carpeting, bedding, pets, kitchens, the importance of recycling and many other types of products and areas of the home.

Danny Seo is a perfect addition, popping up occasionally throughout the book with his own tips and ideas.  Seo has worked with Method before and seems to be developing a strong working relationship with the company.

Lowry and Ryan give us cost effective options to greening our living environments often referencing stores like Ikea as good choices for greener options on a budget.

Its helpful to have a resource such as Squeaky Green that is broken down into sections covering all areas of the home, highlighting trouble spots and identifying where a person concerned about living in a healthy non-toxic environment should focus their efforts.

The book has been available exclusively through the Home Shopping Network (HSN) until today when it goes on sale across the country.

And for those curious, the book is not a multi page advertisement for Method.  The authors do a good job of not overtly pushing their own products on readers.  Method products are featured in many of the photos throughout the book.  But lets face it, Method has crafted an image that consumers like.  Some of the people buying Squeaky Green are buying it because its by the Method Guys.

There is something for everyone in this book including Method fanatics like Nathan Aaron who runs the great blog Method Lust.

The book was made using recycled content and responsibly printed with inks made from soy and processed chlorine-free.

We highly recommend Squeaky Green as a useful and informative resource for the eco-conscious consumer/home owner/apartment dweller.