Simple Shoes Sno Tire ecoSNEAKS


SimplesnotiresisgUPDATED 04/23/08 – read our story on the new Simple ecoS shoes from their ecoSNEAKS line on our sister site Sustainable is Good Products

Simple Shoes has just launched a line of eco-friendly shoes called ecoSNEAKS.  The shoes are made from a number of greener and eco-friendly components including organic cotton, rPET plastic and car tires.

The line contains four men’s styles and five women’s. The ecoSNEAKS line is reasonably priced and offers eco conscious consumers the ability to buy products made from materials they commonly recycle.

We tested Simple’s Sno Tire shoe from the ecoSNEAKS line.  The shoes are made from washed leather and have organic cotton canvas uppers, organic cotton linings, PET laces, PET pedbeds, outsoles that used to be a car tire and vulcanized rubber sidewalls, toe and heel caps.

The packaging is well… Simple.  The box is made from 100% post consumer recycled paper and printed with soy-based inks.  The shoes have foot forms made from 100% post consumer paper pulp inside them when they arrive in the box.  This is the only other packaging that comes with the shoes.  No plastic, no excess paper stuffed inside the shoes, nothing.


We like the Sno Tire shoes.  They are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear.  The sole is made from a car tire and it seems quite durable and well suited to the application.  The Sno Tire shoes are stylish and come in four different color choices.  They are available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Simple’s Sno Tire shoes and the rest of the ecoSNEAK line are available online through Simple’s web site.