Primo Water Ingeo PLA Bottle


Primo WaterNorth Carolina-based Primo Water launched earlier this month and becomes the only US bottled water company to use bio-based material for its singe serve 16.9 fl.oz bottles.

Now defunct, Colorado-based Biota used to be the only company in the US selling bottled water in PLA packaging.

Primo’s water bottle is made from Ingeo PLA (formerly NatureWorks) from NatureWorks LLC. Ingeo is a corn-based bio-plastic. The single serve bottles are sold nationally in 18-count multi packs.

“We’re proud to bring consumers a more environmentally-friendly bottled water,” said Billy Prim, CEO of Primo Water Corporation. “Not only does Primo give consumers the great taste, convenience, everyday price value and availability that they’ve been looking for in a bottled water, it also helps them to leave a better world for their children.”

Primo Water attracted attention earlier this year when it was featured in the green room of the first “green” Grammy awards in Los Angeles.