Method Uses Packaging to Unify New Personal Care Collection


MethodbodySan Francisco-based Method’s new natural personal care collection features packaging that gives the line its own unique identity.

The collection consists of three products: body wash, creamy hand wash and a body bar.

The collection’s hand and body wash are packaged in #2 HDPE plastic bottles which feature a quilted pattern design. The square quilted pattern is also present in the body bar.

The quilted design holds the line together visually making it easily identifiable on store shelves and in consumers minds.

The packaging was designed in-house by Method’s own design team.

“The quilted look for the natural moisturizing personal care line is designed to connote the soft moisturizing formula within the bottles,” said Method’s Rachel Goldberg.

“The designer also considered the existing décor of bathrooms, which are usually tiled. They were designed to be decorative but in a subtle, sophisticated way.”

The hand wash packaging is square and features an easily removable label allowing consumers to have the packaging blend in with their own home environment.

Method’s Director of Marketing, Katie Molinari told Sustainable is Good the removable label was purposely incorporated into the creamy hand wash packaging. “We don’t believe that a logo needs to, or should be, a prominent feature in a home care product,” said Molinari.

“We design our products for the home and treat them as accessories to compliment someone’s personal style. We hope people will recognize Method products by their unique design rather than a logo or label.”

When the label is removed the packaging is only distinguishable as a Method product by an embossed “m” on the side of the bottle.

Molinari added the body wash packaging is made from 25% recycled HDPE plastic.

Sustainable is Good was unable to obtain information from Method on who is producing the packaging.  A previous incarnation of Method’s body wash was produced by Amcor.