International Paper’s Shorewood REPAK CD/DVD Packaging


Origin_2Shorewood Packaging, a division of International Paper (IP) is making some exciting new strides in the area of sustainable packaging for CD and DVD consumer media products.

Thanks to some high profile associations with Wal-MartUniversal Music (UMe) and Funimation the company’s REPAK packaging is becoming an increasingly popular option for companies looking to green their CD/DVD packaging.

The New York-based company debuted REPAK late last year adding to its green packaging portfolio which already contained Flip-Pak.

Both types of packaging can be used for either CD or DVDs and are made from third-party certified, renewable, virgin or recycled paperboard and printed with eco-friendly inks and coatings.

Shorewood says unlike other packaging made with plastic trays or hubs, the containers they produce are completely renewable, recyclable and sustainable.

In 2006 Shorewood developed an environmental solutions program called greenchoice.  Greenchoice focuses on providing customers with educational information and solutions to help them meet sustainable packaging goals.  Fueled by influences like Wal-Mart’s Sustainable Packaging Initiative, Shorewood’s Greenchoice program has been a success for the company.

“Since late 2006, when we initiated our greenchoice program, we have provided several packaging choices for the Home Entertainment market,” said Shorewood’s Director of Marketing Linda Lombri.

“In November 2006, Universal Music debuted their “Millennium Collection” in a Shorewood-produced package that utilized recycled paperboard and PaperFoam CD trays — renewable, recyclable, compostable packaging.  Universal Music recently began using our REPAK, which is an all paperboard solution that uses both recycled and virgin paperboard, all 3rd-party certified board.”

Lombri told Sustainable is Good, “We introduced the REPAK last fall to our Home Entertainment customers.  UMe and Funimation are the first two customers who have chosen to use the package for their releases.”

Ume_repakUniversal Music has been using Shorewood packaging for its Millennium Collection for several years.   According to UMe they were the first company in the music industry to use a completely recyclable (sleeve and tray) CD package.

Now the company is using Shorewood’s REPAK for its Millennium Collection.  The music company teamed up with Wal-Mart for the retailer’s Earth Month special promotion in April – where the Millennium Collection CD’s were debuted in REPAK packaging containing a special seeded paper insert allowing customers three free music downloads from UMe.

The seeded paper insert was an exclusive to Wal-Mart for Earth Month and procured and printed by Shorewood Lombri told Sustainable is Good.

Funimation, a company that specializes in Japanese anime movies, has created a “Funimation Green Initiative” to show consumers they are serious about reducing the environmental footprint of their products.  Funimation is considered a leader among the movie studios when it comes to sustainability, and they are examining plastic packaging alternatives to make all of their products “green”.

Funimation’s “Origin: Spirits of the Past” DVD’s is produced in Shorewood’s Hendersonville (East Flat Rock, NC) facility using 4 panel-2 tray REPAK with O-card REPAK printed 4-color on ArctiKoat stock; green flood coated trays.  Greenchoice footprint: ArctiKoat is chlorine-free and contains 40% recycled fiber (37% post-consumer, 3% post-industrial); Printed with renewable vegetable-based offset inks.

The Funimation DVD’s using the REPAK packaging are available across the US at major retailers like Best Buy.

REPAK is a registered trademark of Ichikudo Printing Co., Ltd. ofJapan.  Shorewood Packaging has exclusive license to produce this packaging