Arm & Hammer Essentials Cleaners


Arm & Hammer Essentials Cleaners

Arm & Hammer recently launched Arm & Hammer Essentials Cleaners a new line of household cleaning products available in three formulations and smart packaging.

The new products are sold with an empty sprayer bottle made of #1 PET plastic with a bottle of concentrated cleaner attached in a smaller #2 HDPE plastic bottle.

The consumer fills the spray bottle and then affixes the smaller bottle to the top and their special cap system releases the cleaning solution into the spray bottle.  The system Arm & Hammer has devised for this product is ingenious it works flawlessly – well done.

By selling the cleaners as concentrates Arm & Hammer makes a significant reduction in packaging waste and carbon footprint related to transportation of the products.  The company says their packaging uses 93% less plastic and 83% less packaging than a standard pre-filled 32 oz. cleaner.

I had a chance to try the Cleaner & Degreaser from the line on a glass top stove.  The product was easy to prepare just fill up the spray bottle and attach the cleaning solution and it mixes together.

In use the cleaner worked well on what is always a tough task cleaning the top of a stove.  The Cleaner & Degreaser did its job leaving no offensive odors or residues.

All products in the line are made from plant-based cleaners derived from coconuts and palm-kernel oil and all ingredients are biodegradable according to the company.

Arm & Hammer Essentials Cleaners are available in three different formulations, multi-surface cleaner, glass cleaner and cleaner & degreaser.  All three formulas are sold with refills available in packs of two.

The different cleaners are all color coded so a consumer who purchased several different ones from the line can easily tell them apart – very smart product design.

The line launched late last month and is available across the country at all major retailers.