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2009 Sustainable is Good Green Products Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the 2009 Sustainable is Good Holiday Gift Guide.  Earlier this year I was asked by the folks at Martha Stewart to develop a list of more sustainable green gift ideas for the holiday season.  My list includes items that are interesting, practical and well made.  I believe holiday gifts and the products we buy shouldn’t be disposable products they should bring many years of use and enjoyment.

Browse my gift selections and I encourage you to look for similar products from local and regional producers across the country.  Have a happy and safe holiday season!  Check out the full Guide on Martha Stewart.

Alchemy Goods Recycled Innertube Belt

This stylish belt is the perfect recycled accessory for the hip guy or gal in your life.  Made in Seattle from old inner tubes. $38 by Alchemy Goods

Niagara Conservation Showerhead 1.2 GPM

The Niagara Conservation showerhead saves water, using only 1.2 gallons per minute, and is designed to work with any décor. $17.

Misono UN10 Gyutou Knife

The 7″ Misono UX10 Gyutou (Chef) knife is the perfect gift for the cook on your list.  This stellar tool will easily last a lifetime or two, making it a highly sustainable choice.  $143.

Full Circle Herb Hot Cats Catnip Sausage Toy

Hot Cats denim 6″ catnip sausages will drive your kitty wild.  Family-made in Oregon, these cat toys are ready for fun. $5.50.  Full Circle Herb

Taza Guajillo Chili Chocolate Mexicano

Taza Guajillo Chili Chocolate Mexicano, produced in Massachusetts, is a luxurious treat.  Its fiery flavor and the coarse stone grind make this chocolate perfect for a winter night. $4.50.  Taza Chocolate or Whole Foods Market.

Patagonia Wanaka Down Jacket

The new for 2009 Wanaka Jacket combines style, functionality and sustainability quite well.  The shell & lining are made from recycled polyester.  The jacket borrows style elements from vintage Swiss army jackets.  Its down insulation makes it perfect choice for the all-in-one winter jacket.  $350.  Patagonia.

Pangea Organics Canadian Pine with White Sage Bar Soap

Nothing says the holidays like the smell of pine.  Sustainable packaging and all natural ingredients make this Canadian Pine & White Sage soap an ideal stocking stuffer.  $8. Pangea Organics.

Technivorm Moccamaster KB741 Coffee Maker

The Moccamaster KB-741 is the perfect gift for the coffee lover, and breaks the cycle of flimsy appliances that need to be replaced every couple years.  This coffee maker features solid construction and copper heating elements for the perfect temperature.   Made in Holland.  Available in four colors.  $245.  Boyd’s Coffee (their USA distributor).

Individual Icons Ruler Bracelet

Fashioned from rulers manufactured in New York and recrafted into jewelry in Rhode Island, this charming bracelet suits all sorts.  $49.  Individual Icons.

Australian Scent Travel Pack

This airline-approved travel pack from Australian Scent includes some of our favorite goods.  These all natural skin care products are amazing — some of the best we’ve tried.  $39.  Australian Scent.

Maggie’s Organics Stuffed Penguin

This adorable stuffed Penguin is made from excess fabric and stuffed with reclaimed polyester mill scrap by Maggie’s Organics.   Made in North