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September 03, 2008

Why do you reUse?

4U2ReUSE Bags Ridley Inspired by Bibi Rogers and her creative line of ‘I ReUse’ plastic  bag holders, I asked some people I knew why they reused.

“I started reusing because it made more economical sense, now, I reuse because I have absolutely no reason not to,” says Catherine DelSpina, Marketing Optometrist, who is working with NextLife, a plastic waste recycling company that repurposes plastic into new products.

“I reuse because it’s easier than buying new,” says Annette Caballero, a New York resident and green company assistant.

“I reuse because I know that it is something that I can do that will affect the Earth in the long run,” says Alex Maughan, a bike mechanic out of Boulder, Colorado. “It’s a philosophy through action and it might encourage others as well.”

Every year, over 500 billion plastic bags are manufactured world-wide. After one use, sure, a bag or two might rip, but plastic is tough, I’ve seen bags caught on tree limbs, blowing with the wind and still, they don’t break. So why haven’t we thought about reusing them before? Granted, in recent years, reusing plastic bags has gained some celebrity, but, generally speaking, I think most of us fall into the category of, ‘I would, if I had them on hand.’

Meet Bibi Rogers. Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Bibi is not your typical greenie. A kite-surfing, kayaking green-love advocate, her outlook changed when she saw a plastic bag floating in the river. “In life, I like to lead by example and after seeing that bag I decided, I’m going to reuse my bags. The only problem was, every time I kept forgetting them, so I came up with this design.”

Shaped like the world renowned recycling sign, this bag helps eliminate those, ‘Ah, I forgot my bags’ moments. Small enough for your purse or bag, and large enough to keep track of it (mine hangs in my car), this little bag can pack em’ in.

Made from 100% organic fabrics, even the straps and Velcro are recycled!

“I decided, if I am going to do it, I have to give back, so I started using vintage fabrics and then I found organic fabrics. The purpose is to reuse what you have. Every time you reuse, you raise awareness in some way,” says Bibi. “I want people to see that sustainable doesn’t have to be sloppy, it can be trendy too!”

And trendy they are. For Bibi’s plastic bag holders, it’s all about colors and patterns! And, reaching out to the pooch community, Bibi’s doggy bag sacks can now be found in puppy boutiques across Florida and online.

For the green at heart or the economically conscious shopper in us all, we can all find a reason to reuse.

So, for something new, I am asking a follow-up question, I want to ask you, the readers, a question. In your house, what items do you most commonly reuse, and, if there is an item that you don’t reuse but wish you could, what item is that?

Beryl_2 Having traveled around the world, Beryl Shereshewsky, a recent University of Colorado, Boulder graduate, realized that in life, she wanted to accomplish three things. One, travel more, two, write about what she saw and three, save the world. With the recent advances in the green movement, she realized that she could be a superhero writer and write about saving the world. Combing her powers, she now writes for various eco and travel sites across the web, changing the world one article at a time. Feel like chatting?  E-mail her b.shereshewsky@yahoo.com.

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