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September 11, 2008

Skoy Cloths Offer Real Alternative to Paper Towels

Skoy Cloths Skoy cloths are the first product of its type we've tested which actually provide a viable alternative to paper towels.  The cloths are a combination of cotton and wood-base cellulose fibers, are made in Germany and offer consumers an in expensive alternative to the single use paper towel.

Developed by two women in California based on products they'd seen in Europe the Skoy (which means just for fun in Swedish) is a real kitchen and household work horse.

The cloth is 100% biodegradable and completely breaks down in about five weeks.

Each Skoy lasts between a week and month depending on often its used.  The cloths are completely chlorine free and are dyed using water-based colors.

Sustainable is Good Products has been using Skoy Cloths for about two months now and we absolutely love them.  When you wet a Skoy cloth under the faucet it becomes soft like a sponge.  Perfect for cleaning counter tops or other surfaces.  The Skoy dries hard which inhibits the growth of bacteria which is a conern with other types of reusable sponges. 

The Skoy is tough too.  We've used ours many times to clean surfaces or pick up spills.  The makers of Skoy say their cloths are equivalent to 15 rolls of paper towel in an average home.

Its always nice to see a well designed product offered to consumers at an affordable and fair price.  Skoy's sell for $5.99 for a pack of four and the company also offers a "subscription" option where consumers receive 8 Skoy cloths every 3 months for $11.98 delivered!  A great deal by any standard. 

We liked the Skoy so much from our test samples that we've signed up on their subscription option.

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Jen M

Sounds great, where can one get them?


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I love the towels. Please let us know when they became available and where to find them.


Have you considered using glass straws? They're super classy and toxin free. I've seen a few brands out there. my favorite is simply straws, i love the travel case each straw comes with

Interested in this product - do you have to use "subscription" service or are they sold in regular retail?

love the product!

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