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August 15, 2008

Backward Prints on the Forefront of Green Greeting Cards

Backward Prints When I think of birthdays past, cards with pictures of puppies and old ladies holding hands, pictures of cakes and balloons, I never thought about the trees, or processes that went into making them. And where are they today? Some are stuffed in a folder, but I’d say 90% are sitting in a landfill, surrounded by seagulls cawing and grabbing at pieces of trash. It’s sad to think about in retrospect. Aunt Diane’s 11th birthday greeting is bird food. Sorry Aunt Diane.

In this new world where greenies are taking over, innovation is something not to be overlooked.

Brynne Cogorna, owner of Backward Prints is one such innovator. “I started an eco-friendly greeting card line using paper that is tree-free and grows flowers once watered and planted.”

Seriously? That’s adorable. A greeting card that grows flowers, I love the green revolution.

And what I like most about Brynne is that she is a local artist trying to make a difference. “I graduated from the University of Colorado last year.  I am just trying to save the earth. I think living in Boulder for 4 1/2 years set a spark off inside of me...” she said. Her designs are not hyped or flashy, rather they are simple, sending the simple, world-wide message of love.

So, come happy birthday, happy anniversary, thank you or a simple hello, one thing is for sure, this year I am sending, peace, love and some ever so green tidings.

Check out Brynne’s cards at http://noelart.biz/.

Beryl_2 Having traveled around the world, Beryl Shereshewsky, a recent University of Colorado, Boulder graduate, realized that in life, she wanted to accomplish three things. One, travel more, two, write about what she saw and three, save the world. With the recent advances in the green movement, she realized that she could be a superhero writer and write about saving the world. Combing her powers, she now writes for various eco and travel sites across the web, changing the world one article at a time. Feel like chatting?  E-mail her b.shereshewsky@yahoo.com.

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It is nice to express how you feel towards a friend or special someone with the help of greetings cards. It would be even better if these cards are eco-friendly, showing how much you value the conservation of our natural resources. Paper is wasted every day and we have to put a stop to this. Shredding used papers to recycling them into a new kind like that of greeting cards is one example on how we can support the 'going green' campaign of concerned citizens.

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In this new world where greenies are taking over, innovation is something not to be overlooked.


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