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July 14, 2008

Pangea Organics Continues to Wow: Plans New Children's Line for Target; Offers Holiday 2008 Gift Pack

Pangea Organics Holiday 2008 Gift Pack One of the more interesting and innovative companies to watch within the organic body and skin care category is Pangea Organics, a company that has grown 618% within the last 20 months according to founder Joshua Onlysko.

Sustainable Is Good Products had a chance to sit down with Onysko recently to hear about new products and packaging ideas coming down the pipeline at Pangea Organics.

Hitting stores for the holidays 2008 is a gift pack featuring several Pangea products (pictured). What’s so great about this gift is its ability to give back to the earth by way of growing a spruce tree. The 100% compostable, biodegradable newsprint packaging made without dyes or glue is designed to be planted right into the ground to grow a tree. Over 32,000 of these are expected to be out for the holidays at select stores including Macy’s, Nordstrom’s and Anthropology.

Webextra Read more about Pangea Organics unique product packaging on our sister site Sustainable is Good.

One of the things that Onysko was most excited about was Pangea Organics’ micro-financing a co-op in Zambia, Africa, for manufacturing and distilling essential oils. The project is designed to help women whose husbands have died from AIDS and have been distilling alcohol illegally to support their families. Instead, they are now re-planting their fields to rosemary, lemon grass and other herbs, and will begin distilling organic oils for Pangea Organics, thus providing them with a sustainable and socially responsible future.

Pangea Children's Line Coming to Target in May 2009

For all of you fans of Dr. Seuss, Pangea Organics will be launching an organic children’s personal care line in May 2009 featuring the Lorax exclusively for Target. As you may remember, the Lorax chronicles the plight of the environment and is a great fit for an organic body and skin care product for kids. Watch for children’s toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and more coming your way soon from Pangea Organics.

Anke Anke Corbin recently left her corporate career as VP marketing for a major media company in order to launch an eco-marketing consulting agency and to design her first environmentally responsible indoor-outdoor furniture collection called Anke C.- Real Living launching spring 2008. To network, for consulting or just to chat, contact Anke at ankecorbin@gmail.com

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Wow how exciting. I would love to know more about the launch of her business. Will eco-friendly line be available wholesale to retailers?


It is also worthy to note that for the outer label of these gift boxes (the green label you see in the photo) - we are using Monadnock's Astrolite PC 100 paper - 100% post-consumer, FSC certified, elemental chlorine free, and printed with vegetable based inks. These labels are printed at Johnson Printing - a Boulder, Colorado based FSC certified printer.

Monadnock Paper:
Johnson Printing:

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Wow, another product that helps save Mother Nature! Let us continue using these products and save the Earth.

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Great find for those green lovers who wish their kids to get used to green living.

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