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July 24, 2008

Oggi Water Bottles: More Like a Wonder Bottle than a Water Bottle

Oggi Water Bottles I live in a state where a relaxing weekend requires one or more of the following: hiking boots, an ice axe, a climbing harness, a mountain bike and a kayak. A romantic date is best spent holding hands at 14,000 feet and instead of high heels, ladies wear Chocos.

I live in a state where Prada means nothing and PrAna creates real brand envy. I live in a state where water bottles are an accessory, not a sports aide.

As of late, water bottles have been getting a lot of bad press. From the impact plastic bottles make on our landfills to the dangers of Bisphenol A, things are looking a little scary when it comes to the big blue. A safer alternative to the once universal Nalgene bottle, aluminum bottles are the new ‘it’ thing.

When it comes to choosing an aluminum bottle, we consumers have a few choices. I found OGGI Bottles. They are part of a travel line and right up my alley. Pricing out at $9.95, there are enough colors to match my moods, and my outfits.

With a screw top and carabineer clip, these bottles are the go anywhere, stand up to anything, keep your drinks cold and your water close at hand kind of bottles that someone like me needs.

So, I put it to the test. 230 feet up on a rock shelf in Southern Colorado and it passed, with ruby red and blueberry blue colors! Clipped to my harness, exposed to full sun, I was surprised to find my water cold and tasty.

This bottle is one tough cookie. Drop it, drag it, throw it, catch it, no matter what you do, one thing is for sure, the water inside, stays inside, and landfills aren’t getting any bigger. It’s time to retire the plastic water bottle along with the plastic bag. Reusable is in, and when it comes to OGGI water bottles, it is stylish.

Check Amazon.com for a selection of Oggi water bottles.

Beryl_2 Having traveled around the world, Beryl Shereshewsky, a recent University of Colorado, Boulder graduate, realized that in life, she wanted to accomplish three things. One, travel more, two, write about what she saw and three, save the world. With the recent advances in the green movement, she realized that she could be a superhero writer and write about saving the world. Combing her powers, she now writes for various eco and travel sites across the web, changing the world one article at a time. Feel like chatting?  E-mail her b.shereshewsky@yahoo.com.

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Why worry about BPI from bottles? If you have a mercury-free composite filling, it leaches BPA.

George Bittner, Ph.D.

BPA and phthalates are just two of several hundred chemicals that exhibit EA in plastics. These chemicals having EA leach from almost all plastics sold today, including polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, etc. That is, plastics advertised as BPA-free or phthalate-free are not EA-free; almost all these plastics still leach chemicals having EA – and often have more total EA than plastics that release BPA or phthalates.
Current legislation is attempting to solve this problem by removing chemicals having EA (BPA, phthalates) one at a time. This approach, for legislators or the FDA, is not an appropriate solution for consumers because thousands of chemicals used in plastics exhibit EA, not just BPA and phthalates. The appropriate health-driven solution is to manufacture safer plastics that are EA-free. Technology EA-free plastics are already in the marketplace. The cost of these safer EA-free plastics are just pennies more than EA-releasing plastics, when both are used to manufacture the same product in similar quantities.


Not such a great bottle - sweats and DOES NOT KEEP WATER COLD.


I agree with Pam, the OGGI bottles aren't as wonderful as you wrote... When I used the caribeaner, my cap would eventually unscrew on its own. I droped my bottle once and there are now dents and scratches on it. The bottle serves its purpose - something to put water in - but that's about it.


I just bought two bottles today from my local kitchenware shop and they will certainly be useful. I don't rock climb and probably won't use my Oggi outside all that much, but what I liked about them is that they hold 780ml of liquid and come in great colours, so when I am at work I can recycle and reuse my bottle all through the day. I don't need to keep buying water from the local shop! This will also save me money. It's the best $12.95 (AUD) I have spent in a while.


I have an Oggi bottle that I got about 3 months ago. I thought it was a cheaper alternative than the Sigg bottle.

I'm not very gentle with anything I own, and it has been dropped a few times and is a little scratched/small dents. My problem is that the screw top doesn't work anymore. I keep twisting and it doesn't get tight properly, has leaked in my bag more than once. Very frustrating... I'm not sure if a Sigg would be better, or if it's just the type of lid I have (not the one shown in the pic, but a twist and drink one).

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I am 29 weeks and have an uncontrollable urge to clean, I am a bit worried about the chemicals affecting the baby though. Will bleach and stuff do any damage?


Several aliminium soft drink cans (375 ml and 285 ml) which were
unopened became empty over a period of several months sitting upright
in a cupboard. On inspection, they were still sealed and did not seem
to have any leaks. Because they were from different companies, I
doubt it was just a bad batch with tiny holes not visibile to the
naked eye. How would this have happened?

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That water bootles reming me a grenade.



* I found rust in lid on day two

* Hard to drink out of little tube at top - you hardly get any water

* Tastes poorly

If you search the net you will find other people with bad results.

Makers should be ashamed.


If you aren't satisfied with the OGGI bottles, I would definitely opt for the higher quality of SIGG or Klean Kanteen. I personally have used both types of bottles and you get your money's worth- and in the long run, it will still more than pay for itself with all of the money saved from not buying cases of water.


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Oggi-Poggi-Moggi-Woggi-Piggi! Water Bottles!


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Do not buy the OGGI waterbottles for kids. The designs turn sticky and smear. I got no satisfaction from the manufacturer regarding refunding or replacing their defective product for KIDS. They asked for pics, which I supplied and still no response. Awful company supposedly touting eco friendly products (made in China, btw).

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I didn't like the taste of it.

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Bisphenol A and other bad chemicals are a serious issue. We should use less plastic as food containers.

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I really love those water bottles. They help so so much when hiking, among other things!

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I love water bottles. I take mine wherever I go. I refuse to buy plastic and you should too! RISE ABOVE PLASTICS!

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