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June 23, 2008

Method Smarty Dish Dishwasher Detergent Doses

Method Smarty Dish - the Popular Dish Cubes are Coming Back!

Method Smarty Dish A bit of exciting breaking news from San Francisco-based Method.  The company is bringing back their popular dish cubes this fall in a newly designed and formulated product that is going to be better than ever.

An exact launch date is not known but Sustainable is Good Products has confirmed the popular dish cubes are coming back as a product named Method Smarty Dish. 

The new dishwasher detergent doses, as Method calls them will be available in two formulations, Pink Grapefruit (like before) and Go Naked (free of dyes and perfumes).

Smarty Dish will resemble their previous incarnation in concept but not in shape.  The new products are more tablet like in shape - allowing them to fit all standard sized dishwasher dispensers without any trouble.

We've been testing some samples of both the new Pink Grapefruit and Go Naked Smarty Dish this past week and we LOVE THEM! 

They contain no toxic chemicals, no bleach, no phosphates just naturally derived biodegradable ingredients.  They come in pre-measured doses or tabs so they are ultra convenient - plus your never using too much dishwasher detergent which eliminates unnecessary waste.

The Pink Grapefruit scent is pleasant , not over powering like some dishwasher detergents we've tested in the past.  The scent provides a subtle citrus scent while the dish washer is running - very nice.  And the Go Naked version is obviously fragrance free for those who prefer a scentless option.

Cleaning: no dishwasher detergent can be good if it doesn't do a solid job at its primary task of cleaning.  Smarty Dish does an excellent job. 

In our tests both the Pink Grapefruit and Go Naked versions left our dishes clean and our glasses streak free.  We were highly impressed.

Method is taking an admirable and very smart step by bringing back their dishwasher detergent. 

There is increased attention on the harmfulness of phosphates which many conventional dishwashing products contain.  They cause major problems with algae overgrowth in waterways which has devastating effects on fish and plants.  Washington state just passed a bill banning phosphates in dish detergent by 2010 and other states are likely to follow.

What Does it Look Like, How Much and Where Can I Get it?

The packaging for the new Smarty Dish is cube shaped which is going to make for easy effective storage.  The packaging is made from 25% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable itself.

The products themselves are oval tablet shaped doses the Pink Grapefruit is light pink in color and the Go Naked is mostly white with a faint yellow color to it.

A cube of 20 Smarty Dish doses will retail for $6 US - though like a lot of Method products we expect them to be available for less at major retailers like Target

Smarty Dish will debut this Fall so keep your eyes out for them, they're a real winner.

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Nathan Aaron

LUCKY YOU! I've added this to method lust! WHO do you know, mister! I gotta get put on some method list I don't know about... ha ha!


Does anyone know who design this packaging?

Nathan Aaron

method has in-house package designers for most of their products now, I believe. So I'm betting it was done in-house.


Just saw these at Target today. I wish they weren't in a plastic tub though.

Nicole B.

I'm not certain how a plastic box container is sustainable?! It takes a lot of carbon to produce such packaging and a lot of carbon to even recycle it (not to mention the petroleum). And recyclable is so tricky - it has to be #2 to be acceptable in most community centers with most consumers sending directly to the landfill. I will offer props to method for ingredients, but none for packaging.

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