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April 07, 2008

Taylor Maid Farms Coffee

Taylor Maid Farms Coffee Taylor Maid Farms is a small California-based company specializing in organic Fair Trade coffees and tea.  The company's products are available locally in the Bay Area and are sold nationwide.

Taylor Maid Farms coffees are sold to consumers in 10oz steel cans as opposed to foil plastic bags like most coffee companies these days are using. 

The company feels steel is one of the most easily recycled metals and since all steel has some recycled content to it believes its packaging is the best environmental option. 

At stores selling Taylor Maid Farms coffee the company encourages consumers to reuse their steel coffee cans.

Sustainable is Good Products tested several Taylor Maid Coffee blends. 

The Rise and Shine blend is the perfect morning cup of coffee, soft and mellow -just ideal.  Rise and Shine is a blend of Guatemala Huehuetenango and Sumatra Gayoland Organic coffees and delivers a full-flavored cup that is vibrant, rich and floral.

The second coffee we tried was Goat Rock Roast, named after the gigantic flat-topped rock on the coast in Jenner, California. Fans of Goat Rock Roast enjoy its big, bold flavors, with the sweet, rich tones that are too often lost in such dark roasts. It's a full-bodied cup with hints of dark chocolate and a bit of spice at the finish.   

Goat Rock Roast is a complex coffee blend and a real winner.  If you like a darker coffee with layers of complexity this roast is an ideal choice.

Over all we found Taylor Maid Farms coffees to be of high quality with responsible eco-friendly packaging.  The combination of quality and the attention to detail from this small coffee company make make their products hard to beat.

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Is it true that the best coffee is the one form Colombia?? A lot of people tell me that, so I dont know if they are right.

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I love coffee I think is a great idea that kind of coffee well I goin to try it... I really like this post, it has a lot of information that i didn't know anyway it's very interesting... Thanks for sharing...

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this is an excellent idea, re use the empty cans of coffee, simply amazing and of course the coffee is amazing

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I am a habitual tea and coffee drinker but I've never tasted anything from Taylor Maid Farms so this can is something completely new I'm seeing. Thanks for sharing this information I'll look up to Bay Area.

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I can swallow that envy, in order to wish you two lovely Michaela all the best with the show, I hope it turns out to be everything you set out for it to be, and hopefully more.

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