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Goodbye Plastic Disposable Silverware Flatware Cutlery

It always interests me to find products marketed towards a specific community that are virtually unknown to other segments of the marketplace but yet could be quite successful if they were.

This the case with the Snow Peak titanium fork, spoon and knife set.  Marketed toward hikers concerned about the overall weight of their packs, this set has huge potential in the green marketplace.

Snow Peak is a company who makes camping and backpacking gear.  Based in Oregon the company has Japanese roots and places a premium on the design and use of its products.

Their titanium fork, spoon and knife set is the ultimate sustainable alternative to the incredible amount of disposable plastic utensils out there.  What separates the Snow Peak set  even from other sustainable reusable options like bamboo utensils is the fact this set is a lifetime product.  A key element in determining a product’s overall sustainability.

The set weighs a total of 1.8oz/ 52g and comes in a small pouch.  It is perfect for taking to the office for lunch or on the go.  If you are a regular user of disposable plastic utensils for lunch It pays for itself within a matter of several months.  Furthermore the environmental benefits are enormous.

What I like about this product is that its practical and well designed.  Many people who take lunch to work start out with good intentions to bring their own silverware with them but forget and end up using plastic disposals.  The Snow Peak set is easy to keep in your bag or at the office its also interesting and pretty cool which isn’t a bad thing either.

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