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Questions, comments, tips, news and other inquiries should be directed  to  rider [at] sustainableisgood  [dot]  com

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Product Samples

If you are a manufacturer, business owner, inventor, PR or marketing firm who would like to send a greener/sustainable/innovative product; or a product with greener/sustainable/innovative packaging for review for coverage on Sustainable is Good please email me directly at rider [at] sustainableisgood  [dot]  com indicate “product sample” in the title.  We are based in Providence, RI samples must be able to be sent via courier to our location.


We have a strong and constantly growing readership comprised of readers interested in greener more eco-friendly lifestyle which values smart choices in design, lifestyle, products, packaging and food.  Sustainable is Good is a Typepad Featured Blog.  We are proud to be part of an elite group of lifestyle blogs run by Martha Stewart called Martha’s Circle.  We offer ads directly as well as through Google Adwords, Martha’s Circle and Blog Ads.

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Please contact me rider [at] sustainableisgood  [dot]  com if you are interested in advertising on Sustainable is Good

We are proud members of Martha’s Circle, which is an elite group of lifestyle blogs coordinated by Martha Stewart.  Martha’s Circle offers unique advertising options to reach highly targeted audiences.

We are also represented by Blog Ads.