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May 29, 2007

Increasing Numbers of Americans Buying Manual Reel Lawn Mowers


American Lawn Mower Co. is noticing increasing sales of its manual reel lawn mowers.  The Indiana-based company is the only US manufacturer of the manual lawn mowers (they produce mowers for several other brands and their own label).

According the the AP roughly 350,000 manual reel mowers are sold annually in the US, compared to 6 million gas powered.

Buyers and sellers alike say the resurgence of these mowers is due most notably to growing environmental concerns and an increasing number of women who do the mowing.

"We noticed very quickly that two out of three people buying manual mowers were female," said Terry Jarvis, president of Sunlawn Inc., a Fort Collins, Colo.-based company that's been selling the mowers for 10 years and making its own for two.

Another interesting sales trend related to manual lawn mowers is many consumers are buying them online because they aren't often easy to find.  Retailers are catching on to this growing trend as  the mowers are now starting to appear again in hardware stores across the country. 

Buying a manual lawn mower online is easy.  A quick search on Amazon.com yields a number of models available for around $100 including several American Lawn Mower company products like the American Lawn Mower Company 18-Inch Reel Mower. Several customers mentioned Amazon has the best selection.  "You can't buy directly from Great States/American Lawn Mower and Amazon has the best selection," said J.M. Cranford.