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October 24, 2011


Kirk Gibson

I also have some of Wolters' mats, and they are great. Showed them to my sister in RI and she loved them, too.

Are you a Rho Dislander?

Mary Hawkins

Another artist on Grand Manan who makes excellent use of old rope is Wendy Dathan. She makes beautiful baskets from rope found on beaches or given to her by fishermen who applaud her creativity. Wendy sells her baskets at the same Farmers Market as Claus and also, during the summer, at her island shop, Wharf Art Gallery in Grand Harbour, Grand Manan


Recycling is always good no matter what. I have been traveling to India specially Goa and Kerala many times. There too these material are reused / recycled many time by locals. They make baskets and sell them in the local market in order to sustain a living.

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