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April 18, 2011



Will people jump on me for thinking that "sure, an improvement is an improvement, but its still just not good enough"? Am I a snob for thinking manufactured products like litter, mouthwash and pads are luxury products (don't get me started on the bottled water lol)? I am so worried about my daughter's future that my worry has amassed a global scale. I've probably given myself ulcers and pissed off everybody I know for buying plastic non-essentials that my jaw drops when I see plastic cutlery hit a plastic lined waste basket. I don't understand how carelessly people just buy *junk* and then throw it out like it didn't mean anything. I think I might be close to being one of those people who see someone buying something *new* new and wanting to yell at them how they are effing over there kid's future - yada yada for good measure.
It makes me weep to see people's carelessness sometimes. I hope you don't find this offensive, but I am going to link to your post and my comment.


The only product that I *have* used is the kitty litter and I have to question is the new packaging really all that better? It weighs less, so it takes less fuel to transport. However, is the new packaging recyclable? The old pail not only was recyclable it was also reusable. It looks like it's the type of plastic that ends up in the landfill.

Kudos for using 80% less plastic, but I'm on the fence with this one.

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