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October 22, 2010



The corn based plastic seems to be showing in lots of places, but are they really a mixed blessing? I'd rather not be putting another dollar into Monsanto's pocket. I'd like to see manufacturers go the extra mile and indicate if it's the plant based plastic is made from organic plants.

Kate Putnam

I am a big fan of Stonyfield and Gary Hirshberg. What they are doing to promote organically grown food is tremendous. I love their guerilla marketing. It is clever and effective. But I am not sure that I agree with the strategy of using PLA. PLA is made from corn right now. Corn uses a tremendous amount of petroleum-based fertilizer to grow. For that reason, I question the true carbon footprint of this packaging. Down the road this makes sense but only if we use a feedstock not a foodstock and one that is grown without petro-based fertilizers.

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