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August 10, 2010


Ecover US Blog

These K cups are really catching on ... so if companies like Green Mountain can find a way to make them biodegradable it would make a world of difference. Thanks for the thought-provoking post.
-Deb for Ecover

Fraser Sullivan

We are absolutely AGAINST K-Cups. They waste waste waste. A mid-sized office coffee vendor in Toronto sells over 1.5 MILLION of these a year and they go right into the landfill. They will always be unrecyclable unless users strip the foil from the K-Cup, which is not going to happen. Good luck with biodegradeable unless you can find a plastic that can hold up to the heat. Then what about production and packaging waste with these things? How about a coffee maker with fresh beans, freshly ground and brewed.
Keurig is happy, they make 7 cents on their K-Cup patent but profit ahead of everything else. And you don't need to have crappy coffee at work, just go to a local roaster and get them to supply you with some equipment and delivered fresh-roasted every week.


We have been interested in buying a single-serve coffee machine, but have put if off due to the waste they generate. We had hope that the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine's capsules would be recyclable or biodegradable, but alas. As much information as I am finding on the internet, you would think someone would take advantage of the buzz... Here's hoping.

coffee machines melbourne

Nice post, thank you. The coffee machines are so popular today that it will be introduced to more families in the future. I have been the barista for several years, and i am also going to purchase the coffee machine for my house.

Latte Maker

Disposable coffee capsules can be recycling but only if to release them of aluminum foil. I have read a lot of discussions about this item. There are really many people who do this – they release capsules from foil and send them to the recycling. However if people buy these disposable capsules to save time and prepare coffee quickly and easy but after spend much time with these capsules… That seems a little bit irrational.

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They could unfailingly be unrecyclable unless users strip the foil from the K-Cup, which is not heading off to happen.

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