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April 19, 2010


Nick Palmer

Do they use post-consumer plastic waste? If not, then this not a great development. If they do, then they are still supplying the market for disposable products..

Nick Palmer

On the side of the Planet - and the people - because they're worth it

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Ecover Blog

Thanks for spreading the word! It's always nice to read about other companies acting in a sustainable manner. Your blog is great ... and we've added it to the Ecover blogroll. Take care, and Happy Earth Day!
-Deb for Ecover


WTF why do you have GMC trucks & starkist Tuna as advertisers on your blog? At first glance any person who has any serious interest in sustainable lifestyle or the community would stay away from such advertisers. Check out the Books End of the Line & Sea Change if you have any doubts of the health & sustainability of tuna - and GMC Trucks????

sustainable is good

ba - valid point. At times there are ads that slip through from companies who do not fit the profile we're looking for at SISG. We try to screen ads as best we can to cover the costs of operating the site. These have since been removed. Thanks for your interest.

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