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January 26, 2010


Sheryl Merkel

Not true - you can reuse USPS provided Priority Mail boxes, but you can only use them to mail something Priority Mail. You cannot use them to mail at another class, such as parcel post or media mail. This is because the boxes are provided free of charge. If customers were allowed to use them for cheaper methods of mailing the postal service couldn't afford to provide them free. As it is, I'm surprised they do still provide them free of charge. BTW, there is no rate increase in postage stamps this year, so your comment about another rate hike is misleading, also.

pete T

USPS packaging can be used over again. Mr Salazar received false information. What the Postal Service prohibits is reversing their packaging because customers were getting the free boxes and using other shippers to ship their packages.

diane labarge

"USPS boxes are well built and sturdy and can often times be used again but USPS policy prohibits the re-use of any of their shipping boxes."

This is not correct. Priority boxes/envelopes may be reused, but only for Priority mail. They cannot be turned inside out and used for Parcel Post,Media Mail or any other service.

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