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January 19, 2010



Looks like a great product. I love the color. Sachuest Point NWR is a great spot, as is the nearby Norman Bird Sanctuary.

Stabilized Binoculars

great review! seems you have keen interest and knowledge of Binoculars... please share some updates on the new 2010 Binoculars as well.. regards

- Sara


Why not package your whole line green. The cynic in me thinks this is more a marketing ploy with this model binoculars then any real concern for the environment.


Great product. We need more eco-friendly products in the photography and outdoors arena.

compact zoom binoculars

The Ecobins sound like a really great product, although probably a bit out of my price range. I'm thinking there must be other, less expensive binoculars on the market that would do the job. I'm inclined to agree wit EL that this sounds like slick marketing.

Nikon D7000 Price

Can you do a review on Nikon D7000?

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