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January 05, 2010



thanks so much for this review! i've been curious about this mattress ever since i saw it a few months ago and haven't found that many comments or reviews of it. how is it working out?!

cheap beds

The green pillow by Organic Grace is really recommended to eco lovers.

- Mathew J.


Hi, I just purchased one but when looking at the materials tag on the bed there is no mention of latex. It says that the comfort material is 80% polyurethane. Does your bed say the same thing? I wrote a note to Ikea customer service but I still haven't heard back from them.

Ken "latex mattress man" Hightower

There is a lot of misleading information out there about eco friendly and latex mattresses. Facts are if it's truly made with 100% latex, the manufacturer will state that on the law label. If it says 80% polyurethane as someone just commented on, buyer beware. It might have a small layer of latex but the main ingredient is run of the mill petro-chemical based poly foam.


IKEA Sultan Heidal mattresses sold nationwide from June 2007 through April 2010 recalled for "violation of flammability standards"

What do you think that means?

james francisco

Thanks for this good review, this is the kind of bed,I'm looking for. An organic and non toxic mattresses for my family for a healthier lifestyle

An Honest Mattress Salesperson

I've been amused by mattress manufacturers attempt to "green" their product. Be careful with the marketing spin of the salespeople out there. As someone mentioned above, check the law tag - its your best friend. Also ask for a manufacturer's spec sheet.

ikea mattress review

Its been a month since you first posted your review. Can you give us an update how your Ikea mattress is holding up? Some people tell me their bed was comfortable at first and then started to sag and become much less enjoyable to sleep on.

Carey Ellis

I like the features of the bed very clean and neat....

Jean Wilson

Nice mattress I think i should purchase one to replace my old mattress.

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MemoryFoam Adviser

The problem with 'green' products is their reliability. You could spend over the odds on what is promised to you as an environmentally friendly product; only to find that it lets you down in a very short space of time! If you're looking for the greener option but are also looking for a product that lasts, it's very important to consult the experts at the showroom. Make sure to strike a fine balance between environmental awareness, durability and, most importantly, value for money!

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