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November 17, 2009


Organic Baby Clothes

This is great news! I had didn't know about Amazon's Frustration Free packaging program. I recently launched an online business myself selling organic cotton baby clothes and I did a lot of research on packaging, mostly to prevent the use of fillers without having to stock tens of different box sizes. I ended up buying the GlobeGuard boxes and EpFlex Renew biodegradable air filled fillers. These are a bit more expensive than conventional packaging but it is totally worth it!

Personal Massager

I never realized that packaging was a problem to Amazon? I usually buy books from amazon, and the packaging to me was ok. May be the packaging problem was in hefty stuffs.

david borrego

i bought a cd and the case came broken i do not know who to call,need a replacement

Jackie R.

your shipping was great. packaging great and fast ordering. couldnt be better Thank You Jackie

Leonared A Reneau

I received two gift same package. One was Wrapped the other was not. The Kindle ordered for my Grand-daughter was not. The encluded message was not there either. I would say entirly unsatisfactory.


Recieved an order today and it came in 3 different boxes,the 2 inside boxes were damaged,but the outside box was not.Not sure the convection oven is damaged yet, it is a Christmas gift.To me it was dropped before being placed in the undamaged box to be sent off.Hope it workes.

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