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July 10, 2009


Account Deleted

This is much more sustainable; This covers all the bases = saves you money, helps the environment, helps your health, makes you feel better, it's so easy to do and it costs less than $50.00; Save money and the Earth and be clean at the same time! Add Bathroom Bidet Sprayers to all your bathrooms. I think Dr. Oz on Oprah said it best: "if you had pee or poop on your hand, you wouldn't wipe it off with paper, would you? You'd wash it off” Available at with these you won't even need toilet paper any more, just a towel to dry off! Don’t worry, you can still leave some out for guests and can even make it the soft stuff without feeling guilty. It's cheap and can be installed without a plumber; and runs off the same water line to your toilet. You'll probably pay for it in a few months of toilet paper savings. As for water use a drought is always a concern and must be dealt with prudently but remember the water use of industrial users far exceeds the water use of household users and in the case of toilet paper manufacture it is huge. The pollution and significant power use from that manufacturing process also contributes to global warming so switching to a hand bidet sprayer and lowering your toilet paper use is very green in multiple ways.

K Baxter

This is a great idea, but I wish the box didn't have the opening in it. Who wants to wipe their hoohaw with TP that every one has touched from other shoppers to shelf stockers to shipping people. Gross.


The box is solid, its not sold with the opening, opened. The photo shows how the box looks when the consumer opens it.


Does anybody know who the manufacturer is or where they are located?


Where can u buy these in Orange County, ca.

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